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A video when SCANDAL doing photo session for their 2nd Photobook "TEMPTATION BOX". The photographer was Ninagawa. They did the photo session in a backyard with a decorated trailer. This photobook is kinda colorful.

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SCANDAL x NinaMika Photo Session

Tokyo currently has “Skytree” fever, as the metropolis’ welcomed the world’s second-largest structure this week. Take it from someone who watches the news while running on the treadmill at my gym – the Skytree is inescapable, with TV shows doing features about the outside, inside, gift shops, food options and nearby train station (just to name a few). I guess I need to see this thing at some point, huh?

Ieiri Leo “SHINE”

One of the new faces of 2012, Ieiri Leo’s career thus far has been unspectacular, more of a story-driven artist (at 17, she’s still in high school) rather than one putting out good music. Trick is, she does just enough to make you see potential down the road, hoping that this still-teen learns how to utilize those skills in more creative ways down the road rather than do the same thing over and over again. In Leo’s case, she has a solid voice, one reminiscent of Kaela Kimura and one capable of turning an otherwise so-so debut single like “Sabrina” into something peppy. Her sophomore single, “SHINE,” sees the production attempting to catch up to the potential found in her voice – the verses try to build to something, complete with flakes of her singing and bursts of violins. Problem is, the chorus doesn’t deliver on all this detail, too safe to really take “SHINE” to the next level. Bit of a letdown, but this kid has time to figure everything out.

AKB48 “Manatsu No Sounds Good!”

Man, forget the song entirely…and, hell, this latest single from AKB48 actually somehow sounds a little better than their usual Akihabara bait, probably because those synth horns remind me a little bit of the Evangelion theme song. Whatever though, because the video in that above link is bananas. It’s bizarre and discombobulating and also sorta genius in a rambling idiot kind of way. I can’t stop watching it.

Basic plot: so some high-school students (AKB) stumble across…some women (AKB) who seemingly fell from the sky. At least that’s what I think happened, as the video focuses on what appear to be meteors or glowing orbs in the sky. Some of the AKB people glow, the students run towards them and then…they start vomiting up their souls, maybe? One girl tries to give another CPR, which is pretty clever given that whole kissing scandal that broke out earlier this year. Lot of shit happens, just watch the link. And then they all start dancing on a beach in white bikinis like the previously shown terror didn’t happen.

I take it AKB48 are taking notes from Momoiro Clover Z (“give no fucks about how insane your music video is”) except at least Momoiro Clover Z’s clips stay consistent within their nutty worlds (space pirates…all the time!). This just doesn’t make sense but also somehow is clever…I don’t even know, just watch it.

GLAY “Bible”

“We now have this light shining in our hearts, but we ourselves are like fragile clay jars containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves.” 2 Corinthians 4:7

Google “GLAY Bible” and this is the first Bible verse…and first hit period…that comes up, probably because of the “clay” part. Way more interesting trying to dissect the Good Book than dwell on this jump-rope rock song.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds “Dream On”

Doofy battle-of-the-sexes video aside, this song sounds pretty unremarkable. The High Flying Birds project has actually resulted in some decent moments…which is more than can be said for the other post-Oasis project from the Gallagher family, Beady Eye…but the drudgery of “Dream On” isn’t one of them, a chore of a listen that offers false hope via horns.

Ken Hirai “Kokuhaku”

Only a short clip.

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Ieiri Leo, AKB48 and others at Music Station 2012 May 25th

AKB48 「AKBがいっぱい ~SUMMER TOUR 2011~ 」 [DVD]

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AKB48 「AKBがいっぱい ~SUMMER TOUR 2011~ 」 [DVD]

SCANDAL was started their "SCANDAL 「LIVE IDO LIVE」 TOUR 2012" from Kagoshima CAPARVO HALL May 19. They'll do17 shows in about a month, travels many city in Japan. Huge success of the Budokan LIVE that was the first held in March with fact that the performance's ticket sold out at the same time as general release around. And at Kagoshima, the live performance sold out in 20 minutes from the first day of release. The venue was crowded by the local fans who had been looking forward to this LIVE for the first time in Kagoshima. Wowed the venue by played some hit songs that were also included in Best Album "SCANDAL SHOW" which was released in March to the stage on this tour and travel flag map of Japan.

Setlist :
  1. 太陽と君が描くSTORY (Taiyō to Kimi ga Egaku Story)
  2. S.L. Magic
  3. その時、世界はキミだらけのレイン (Sonotoki, sekai wa kimi-darake no rein)
  4. GIRLism
  5. 瞬間センチメンタル (Shunkan Sentimental)
  6. ロックンロール・ウィドウ (Rock 'n' Roll Widow)
  7. Ring!Ring!Ring
  8. Welcome home
  10. スイッチ (Switch)
  13. 太陽スキャンダラス (Taiyō Scandalous)
  14. BEAUTeen!!
  16. DOLL
Encore :
  1. スペースレンジャー (Space Ranger)

"Since now there is no gimmicks or tricks on the stage. Enjoying the music purely, raging honestly and whack everything of GW! Lets do the best for this night!" said HARUNA (Vo.) when she did the MC. And new song which is was unveiled produced by NAOTO of ORANGE RANGE "Taiyou Scandalous" will be released in July 11. The fans started dancing together while also listening to music for the first time, expected to increase into of classic song this summer. However SCANDAL attracts the attention even in the costume, this LIVE costumes was worked like a sleeveless "G Jean". TOMOMI (Ba.) rises the audience's voice and wowed the audience by saying "Like a Sugi-chan!" and "Could it be Wild?".

SCANDAL has been decided will appear this summer in a large outdoor festivals and national appearance in Kyushu HIGHER GROUND "Shiga Inazuma Rock Festival" such as "MTV ZUSHI Fes". Also has become a big topic that they announced "Third SCANDAL copyband contest" to gather attention more broadly of SCANDAL!

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After Budokan, SCANDAL Start Their First National Tour from the Kagoshima!

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Squier by Fender / Jazzmaster (feat. Strat assembly) "MAMI MODEL"

March 28, 2012, was unveiled at the Nippon Budokan live in Japan Title Match SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN, first original model fully by MAMI. The body of the jazz master, but with a specification of irregular groups and three single-coil circuit in Stratford. Selector switch is made to place close to the Jazzmaster. 1 volume 1 tone control. The bridge and tremolo unit of  Jazzmaster thing as you can see. The sound of high and low jack was emphasized, and the sound varies considerably in the PU selector. Fit the song and like to emphasize the treble. They are arranged parallely to the rear bridge PU is reminiscent of the specifications of the Jaguar.

Appears from that used in the "Pride" at Budokan, it seems created as an alternative to Jazzmaster. Yuuya (Name of one of MAMI's guitar) concealing a shadow from 2011, with songs that require a single coil sound. Since MAMI started using the Jazzmaster, this might the next Yuuya.

The highlights paint its kinda strange. The distance may seem to be (dirty) like random splatts, but actually that was the motif of meteor. MAMI said that meteor shower is an awesome rain such as aragonite. And "I wanted to put the smoothness of the body in a lighter color," says her. CG artwork has made geometric points and lines are tangled in random. Gives a surprise as well as paint circle of the previous work. Suddenly, she was reminded of the initial model of Imai Hisashi's BUCK-TICK. An avant-garde invention has been finished with something sharp.

Fender products made in Japan, there are some crossbreed models, such as Jag-Stang and Jagmaster. MAMI's new guitar was combined between Jazzmaster and Stratocaster, will it be called Jazzcaster? It may say.

Apart from such us single PU and simple controller etc, is it will be the same type? The difference between tremolo bridge, there are slightly closer to "child model" was recently released from the same manufacturer.

Squier / FSR Jagmaster™ NOKO

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SCANDAL MAMI's New Squier Guitar

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SCANDAL on Cyber DAM Express Vol.107 released on 4th April 2012.

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SCANDAL on Cyber DAM Express Vol.107

SCANDAL was on GOOD ROCKS! Vol.26 magazine.
Check out the photos on the download link.

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Four-member band, SCANDAL, have announced on their official website that they'll be releasing a new single this July 11th. Their 13th single is titled "Taiyou Scandalous" (Scandalous Sun); the said single will be produced by NAOTO of Orange Range. NAOTO commented that he wanted the song to be as exciting as possible; a perfect summer song to lift everyone's spirits.

"Taiyou Scandalous" will be available in limited [A&B] and regular edition. Each edition will also contained an additional track, but titles is yet to be determined.

"Taiyou Scandalous" will be released on July 11th.

Edition :

"Taiyou Scandalous" Limited Edition A. ESCL-3924 1,020 yen
  1. Taiyou Scandalous (Tentative)
  2. Undecided title by the Special Unit (HARUNA × RINA)
  3. Taiyou Scandalous (Instrumental)
"Taiyou Scandalous" Limited Edition B. ESCL-3925 1,020 yen
  1. Taiyou Scandalous (Tentative)
  2. Undecided title by the Special Unit (MAMI × TOMOMI)
  3. Taiyou Scandalous (Instrumental)
"Taiyou Scandalous" Regular Edition. ESCL-3926 1,020 yen
  1. Taiyou Scandalous (Tentative)
  2. Welcome Home (Tentative)
  3. Taiyou Scandalous (Instrumental)
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SCANDAL Announces New Single "Taiyou Scandalous"

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