Girl band STEREOPONY will use their new song "stand by me" for the new anime "Eureka Seven AO" ending theme.The opening theme is by the new band Hemenway and it was confirmed that their song "Escape" is going to be used.

Eureka Seven AO is the sequel to Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven which aired in 2005 for about a year. The new anime will still be held in the same world where there are natural disasters happening in the world due to the "Sukabu Coral". The story line follows a young boy Ao who is trying to find his mother who went missing.

Find out more about Eureka Seven AO at this site.

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  1. Wahahaha, blog ane masih sepi gan. Dishare juga ye gan postingan ane biar agak seru dikit nih blog. XD


  2. good to hear that that amazing band's song will be used for E7 AO. they're really cool! love their songs. and oh, by the way, i have something to share with you. it's the site of PIJ where i found a lot of cool Eureka Seven stuffs. DOUBLE COOL! =D

  3. I've checked that. And yeah, those stuffs was cool but I have much to spend these days even in an auction. Maybe I'll pass this time. Btw, thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it. :D


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