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SCANDAL did some photo on GiGS Magazine in this past week. And it published at 29th March.
Here's some preview of it.

SCANDAL on GiGS Magazine 2012.03.29

SCANDAL released their BEST ALBUM "SCANDAL SHOW" on 7th March 2012. They giving bonus a photobook in the SCANDAL Show [w/ DVD, Limited Edition].

Here's some preview of it.


Artist : UVERworld
Title : 7th Trigger
Release Date : 2012.03.28
Country : Japan
Genre : rock
Quality : MP3 / 320 / CD

Twenty-first single release from UVERworld. The single released on 28th March 2012. Comes with a bonus DVD. *Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.

UVERworld released a single "7th Trigger"

SCANDAL was already performed at BUDOKAN with title "JAPAN TITLE MATCH : SCANDAL VS BUDOKAN" on 28th March 2012 at 6.30 pm Japan time. They played 18 song and 3 encores. The three opening songs is SCANDAL no Theme, Shunkan Sentimental and EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!. It hyped all of the audience on BUDOKAN especially the first song.

After MC talk a little the BEAUTeen!! song played with the girls. Shoujo S, LOVE SURVIVE and Hi-Hi-Hi is the next after that. Then Rina (drummer) plays some solo drum before the SCANDAL Nanka Buttobase with dance performed. And another their songs played more, like Pride, Haruka, BURN, Switch and Aitai.

Japan Title Match SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN Setlist

Name:家入レオ LEO IEIRI
Date of Birth:1994.12.13
Place of Birth:福岡 Fukuoka
Blood Type:A
Motto:凛として花一輪 rin toshite hana ichirin (A lone flower despite the cold)
Favorite:Guitar, Movies, Reading

Ieiri Leo (家入レオ) is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter.
Coming from the same vocal school (VOICE Fukuoka) as YUI, Ayaka, and Maria, she made her major debut with a chart topping single -- "サブリナ" (Sabrina), in February 2012 at only age 17.

A New Musician "Ieiri Leo" Starts Her Debut at 17th Age

Three man unit SONAR POCKET on the 24th on their nation wide tour "SONAR POCKET Izumu vol.3" announced that they will for the first time ever perform at the Nippon Budoukan on August 3rd. This will be almost 5 years since their major debut.

For the fans that want to participate in the Budoukan, they have created another "Official Access Tour". The Budoukan Sansen Tour will travel from 5 different stops (Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka) all moving towards the Budoukan.

SONAR POCKET Performs At the Nippon Budoukan For the 1st Time

On the last day of AKB48’s concert at Saitama Super Arena, it was announced that they will hold the 4th senbatsu election on 6th June. It'll be held at the Nippon Budokan like previous years.

This senbatsu election will be different from previous years. In the past, the top 21 members were chosen as the senbatsu members, featured on the A-side song of their singles, while #22 through #40 (#22 through #30 in the 1st election) served as the under girls and appeared on the single’s coupling tracks.

AKB48 Announces 4th Senbatsu Election

Dir en Grey announced the release of 2 Blue-rays and DVDs. The first one is titled “TOUR 2011 AGE QUOD AGIS Vol. 1 [Europe & Japan]” and will be released on June 20th and the second one “TOUR 2011 AGE QUOD AGIS Vol. 2 [U.S. & Japan]” and will be released on July 18th.

Dir en Grey will Release Two DVDs This Summer

"Its four members had designer-punk haircuts, glittery asymmetrical clothes and spotlight-ready moves", described by Jon Pareles of New York Timesregarding L'Arc~en~Ciel's appearance on stage. The Japanese rock band attracted not only Asian and Americans but also of Hispanic heritage. It only proves that the band is a worldwide bestseller with 20 years in the making.

L'Arc~en~Ciel's Debut at Madison Square Garden

The PV of 7th Trigger by UVERworld. 7th Trigger is their 21st single which is released on 28th March 2012.
This PV is High Definition 1080p M-ON.

UVERworld - 7th Trigger

SCANDAL perform at Ontama brings two songs. It is their 11th single "LOVE SURVIVE". The other one from their 3rd album BABY ACTION and it is "Sparkling". This is the first time SCANDAL sings Sparkling in a video.

They are doing good in this perform due to issue that Haruna (their lead vocalist) seems lost her best voice but in this perfom she did fine enough. Though they will do a big concert in BUDOKAN on 28th March this year.

Here is the download link if you wanna see the performance.

Download via MediaFire :

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Ontama Carnival 2012 - Love Survive + Sparkling + Doll

Ontama Carnival 2012 - Shunkan Sentimental + Shoujo S

Thanks to uploader : Astoriasky of SH

SCANDAL Live Perfomance at Ontama Carnival 2012

On March 25th, AKB48 member Atsuko Maeda made the shocking announcement that she will be graduating from the group. While many fans are still saddened by her announcement, the singer has written a blog entry to explain her feels about the situation.

Atsuko began by describing the concert before making her announcement. According to her, everyone was having fun in audience. She was happy to see everyone enjoying themselves and almost didn't want to spoil the evening with her announcement. However, she knew that she had to tell her fans what she decided.

AKB48's Atsuko Maeda Blogs About Her Graduation From The Group

SCANDAL. Haruna, Tomomi, Mami and Rina was went to an Asia Tour on 2011. This video is a documentation of their tour in Taiwan, Hongkong and Singapore. They released this video on SCANDAL SHOW album with DVD Limited Edition. BUY the DVD to support them.

BUY! : Link

DOWNLOAD : Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Thanks to uploader

SCANDAL Asia Tour 2011 Video Documentation

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