When it was revealed that Ayumi Hamasaki had recorded 12 new songs and shot 3 PVs in London, fans began awaiting the upcoming release of new Ayumi Hamasaki singles. Anticipation was further heightened with Ayu's new song "how beautiful you are" being used in a new drama and a 4th PV shoot in the Middle East. Finally, the singer has made the surprise announcement that she will be releasing a new album!
Ayu's 13th studio album will be titled "Party Queen" and will be released on March 21st. The album will contain 14 brand new tracks, as well as 4 new PVs. No singles have been announced to precede the album's release, a first in the singer's career.
The album will come in a CD Only, CD+DVD and CD+DVD+2DVD version. The CD+DVD version will include a DVD of the album's 4 PVs and their making of clips.
The CD+DVD+2DVD will include the DVD of PVs as well as 2 live DVDs of Ayu's latest tour, "Ayumi Hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2011-2012 ~HOTEL Love songs~". This edition will come in a special case. A box set of this edition will also be available which will include special edition limited goods.
Check out the album's tracklisting below:
1. how beautiful you are
2. Return Road
3. Shake It♥
4. NaNaNa
5. Party queen
6. Letter
7. call
8. reminds me
9. the next LOVE
10. Eyes, Smoke, Magic
11. Tell me why
12. taskebab
13. a cup of tea
14. Serenade in A minor
1. how beautiful you are (video clip)
2. Return Road (video clip)
3. Shake It♥ (video clip)
4. NaNaNa (video clip)
5. how beautiful you are (making clip)
6. Return Road (making clip)
7. Shake It♥ (making clip)
8. NaNaNa (making clip)
1. do it again
2. Happening Here
3. insomnia
5. fated
6. feedback
8. sending mail
9. machine
10. Sparkle
11. Humming 7/4
12. evolution
14. November
15. music
16. Ladies Night
17. Party queen
18. Happening Here
19. Love song
20. how beautiful you are
21. Trauma ~ Boys & Girls
22. MY ALL

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