Squier by Fender / Jazzmaster (feat. Strat assembly) "MAMI MODEL"

March 28, 2012, was unveiled at the Nippon Budokan live in Japan Title Match SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN, first original model fully by MAMI. The body of the jazz master, but with a specification of irregular groups and three single-coil circuit in Stratford. Selector switch is made to place close to the Jazzmaster. 1 volume 1 tone control. The bridge and tremolo unit of  Jazzmaster thing as you can see. The sound of high and low jack was emphasized, and the sound varies considerably in the PU selector. Fit the song and like to emphasize the treble. They are arranged parallely to the rear bridge PU is reminiscent of the specifications of the Jaguar.

Appears from that used in the "Pride" at Budokan, it seems created as an alternative to Jazzmaster. Yuuya (Name of one of MAMI's guitar) concealing a shadow from 2011, with songs that require a single coil sound. Since MAMI started using the Jazzmaster, this might the next Yuuya.

The highlights paint its kinda strange. The distance may seem to be (dirty) like random splatts, but actually that was the motif of meteor. MAMI said that meteor shower is an awesome rain such as aragonite. And "I wanted to put the smoothness of the body in a lighter color," says her. CG artwork has made geometric points and lines are tangled in random. Gives a surprise as well as paint circle of the previous work. Suddenly, she was reminded of the initial model of Imai Hisashi's BUCK-TICK. An avant-garde invention has been finished with something sharp.

Fender products made in Japan, there are some crossbreed models, such as Jag-Stang and Jagmaster. MAMI's new guitar was combined between Jazzmaster and Stratocaster, will it be called Jazzcaster? It may say.

Apart from such us single PU and simple controller etc, is it will be the same type? The difference between tremolo bridge, there are slightly closer to "child model" was recently released from the same manufacturer.

Squier / FSR Jagmaster™ NOKO

Source : Fenderscandal4gearsu2009

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