NMB48, the youngest sub-unit of AKB48, have managed to rank first in Oricon music first week sales for three consecutive times since their record debut. However, NMB48's quest for four consecutive number 1 single might be put on hold with Johnny's Entertainment Arashi announcing the release of their "Face Down" single on May 9th.

The girls of NMB48 have topped Oricon weekly ranking for their past three singles- "Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shōjo", "Oh My God!", and "Junjou U-19". Those singles sold more than 200,000 for the first week. But the girls will soon faced their biggest hurdle with popular boy group- Arashi. Arashi's "Wild at Heart" managed to snag the top spot with more than 550,000 sales for their first week.

However, rumors have surfaced that NMB48's 4th single will contain ballots for the upcoming Senbatsu election on June 6th. If it were true, then this battle for the top spot might be not one sided at all.

NMB48 4th single's title is yet to be announced, while Arashi's "Face Down" will also be released on May 9th.

Who do you think will reign supreme on May 9th?


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  1. Now first day on oricon was really close!
    250,415 (Arashi) vs 231,200 (NMB48)
    but anyone else wondering why "Face down" limited edition isn't even sold out everywhere? - yesasia still has some copies... (sadly not so cheap though, maybe that's why)
    but LE-fight on cdjapan was crazy XD as with "your eyes"... lukily got those *happy*


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